A day in the life of Anthony

or is it...

Glad to see you....again
Well well well I wonder who is still listening to this 0340928 year rant of things of mine.

Maybe I'm tired of it or just that I'm bored with not learning anything.

you want to do what to my what what!?!?!?
today started AWeosme i woke up and BAM mothera crukera i brush me teeth and get dress and i'm out the door, and headed to work.

Man i remember when Bleeding-Gums and eye would say the word bug juice... i'mma going to start to use it again.

so ....what are you doing out their world... Rebecca smells like a boilding sagur.

I find my self very hungry...need to get mints.

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Bleeding-Gums and Eye Update
So a lot of shit has went down since i was last on here. like 871541 years ago...

I went to many places and saw many things and Bleeding-Gums and eye have still remained best of friends.

Bleeding-Gums is now in a re-Lay-Tion-ship now, and just chills with that person and work and have a ton of sex, you know it's true this day and age everybody is doing it, I'm not but everyone else it.

Me on the other hand i have been here, TY and eye are no longer together but we are still friends, sort of.

My car i have trade it in for a REd SUV and i updated my living area too.

And you??
What have you been doing and what have you been up to??? I really want to know.

Here goes nothing....
I've started to re-blog or journal again...why...I guess I need an outlet to the stress of (so called) normal living.

So....First thing is first...Life some people are just not cut out for it.

and Bleeding Gums where the fuck are you? where have you been ? Not here, not with me, not when i need you most. But I understand you met a guy then dropped your best friend, well you will be back.(Hopefully)

Crap, my reaction Kenneth cole is running out. I have to by more or do eye.

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was everyone gone to myspace.com
what the fuck

livejournal and xanga are slowly die again


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Things that i know to be true?

1)i am the only one that Bleeding-Gums truly trusts

2)Vodka is my best substitution for food and water. (REALLy)

3)bleeding-gums truly cares about ME.

my mate Bleeding Gums
Things i think that Are true?

1)i am the only one that Bleeding-Gums truly trusts
2)elliot makes the BEST necklaces
3)Vodka is my best substitution for food and water
4)bleeding-gums truly cares about her friends...ALL OF THEM !!

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Reception with the artists: Feb. 10, 5-7pm

you should came and see me and my art work please!!


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